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Evening Prayer in the DOG days of Summer

An extract from our Evening Prayer liturgy for the summer months .. which follows on with a Pint at the Hollybush.
Living One be present in the lazy hazy days of Sabbath rest
You who makes the dog day sun to shine
in the halcyon cloud-whipped summer skies
give us grace to let go and to rest this evening
Let our very being uncurl as on an old rug
Our thirsts be slaked as with a cold drink
Our mouths enjoy food in the outside air
And show us how to make time to notice butterfly or buzzard or bee; let the sweet honey of enjoying the moment drip down our souls unaware until tomorrow of how restorative a Sabbath day can be. Come and rest with us we pray
Courtesy of Tess Ward
Come and join us in our resting and drinking😇

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