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Lent Studies on a Rule of Life

Each year, in Lent, we run a series of Studies on a particular theme or idea that reflects a shared journey …  this is part of Church tradition for thousands of years, to make Lent a Time of learning! This year we will be looking at the idea of a ‘rule of life’.

The first example of a Christian rule of life came from the Desert Fathers, a monastic community in Egypt around the third century AD. The rule was created to help a community of monks translate their faith into the habits and rhythms of shared daily life. It has inspired omany ther communities and individuals since then to develop rules with a similar intention.

The English word rule is derived from the Latin regula, meaning “a pattern, model, or example.” The word “regula” is a feminine noun and carries gentle connotations: a signpost, a railing, something that gives support as we move forward in our journey through life.” A ‘rule of life’, serves as a gentle guide trained toward the intentions you truly want in your life. How often do our lives take a shape we never intended them to have!!

Over the 5 weeks of Lent, anyone with an interest in this idea, is invited to join us and explore the possibilities for the ancient Christian tradition of a ‘rule of life’ in the modern world! How a ‘rule of life’ asks us to slow down, to contemplate and imagine another mode of being alive; different to the intentions and resolutions we tend to set for ourselves these days which are often task-based and measurable, and focused on what we do. A rule of life, on the other hand, helps you become. It is not lived perfectly but faithfully while fostering within you an integrated and embodied life of faith.

Most of us do not belong to communities, monastic or otherwise, that give us a rule to follow, but all communities and families share values and expectations. These values and expectations often form us without our awareness. By considering a rule of life this Lent , I hope we can become more intentional about the forces and dynamics that shape who we are becoming as individuals and as communities.

For more information please contact Doug on 01785 282829 or

Or simply come along to any of the sessions publicised below:

Group 1:  St Lukes Norton Bridge                         Group 2: Seighford

Tuesday 27th Feb 7:45-8:45pm                                 Wednesday 28th Feb 2:00-3-00pm Tuesday 8th March 7:45-8:45pm                              Wednesday 9th March 2:00-3-00pm Tuesday 15th March 7:45-8:45pm                            Wednesday 16th March 2:00-3-00pm Tuesday 22nd March 7:45-8:45pm                            Wednesday 22nd March 2:00-3-00pm

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