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Coronavirus Update

The Church of England has now issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice. As such all our Benefice activities and meetings, including Sunday Worship, are suspended for the time being. 
I believe in our context it is also wise to keep the churches locked as they could become a hub for people in our villages and although this might not mean significant gatherings all at once the foot fall through the churches could mean a spread of the virus.
I appreciate this is difficult and indeed unprecedented news for many of us but I want to assure people of our ongoing prayers and active concern until we can return to our buildings. I will, where consent is given, be forwarding a list of phone numbers for everyone who worships with us to be able to ring around and keep communicating with one another in this time of isolation. I will also attempt to create some kind of online forum for prayers and requests to be placed by those in need. So whilst we will not be seeing much of one another for now  please do keep in touch with me and our congregations as best you can via all other media available to ensure our community feels connected and loved.
With my prayers for your health and well being
Rev’d Doug Heming