Thursday Reflections

How do we listen?

This morning’s text is Matthew 5 v 20-26 if you want to look i up in your Bible. It comes from the Sermon on the Mount which is considered to be Jesus’ most important sermon to His followers. The sermon has been called a manifesto, a handbook for Christian living , a mission statement …. what I want to reflect on this morning however is not what Jesus is saying but how we are listening!

This is perhaps more important to any manifesto or mission statement than it’s content. How are the listeners engaging with this statement of intent? In order to help us reflect on  below is a slideshow of various pieces of art which I invite you to consider around the theme of the crowds and how they are listening.

s you view it ask yourself .. how do I listen to Jesus’ message in my life?

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Please feel free to comment on this page below with any thoughts or reflections on this.