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‘Walking Ahead’ Week 2

Below are the pictures for Week 2 of Advent in which we are exploring God’s call to Wander .. we will ask how this call might re-assure us coming out of ‘lockdown’ and how it might help us find a vision for the future? All are welcome to a study on these pictures and themes at 9:30am Saturday morning at Seighford Church or on Zoom at 7:45pm on Sunday (please email for the link)

Phill Hopkins
Walking Ahead 2021

Walking Ahead (a word from the artist)
I’m fundamentally a mark-maker and translate my seen and felt world into a series of tics, twitches, dots, nods and shakes. This I see as coding, language, dialogue in and with itself. These marks have an erratic energy, they hum in response and in unison to one another, working within the safe confines of the planes perimeter.

Thinking about my ‘Walking Ahead’ series, often when walking with others I fall behind. In this series there might be two things at play; There is the character of the walker, that we see up ahead. We can imagine what thoughts they might have or perhaps where their journey might be taking them. We can relate to them. Then, there is the character of the viewer, watching from a distance, or maybe, keeping their distance. There might be a sense of lag, or that of being let behind. Or is it simply solitude?