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Christingle !

This Sunday at 4pm in All Saints Ranton is our Christingle service. All our children from across the four parishes are invited to attend with their families and carers to a special service of light and hope at the start of our journey to Christmas

News and Events

Harvest Services

Our Harvest Services this Autumn are:

Chebsey Sunday 3rd October 11am (followed with Harvest Lunch)

Ellenhall Sunday 10th 10am

Ranton Sunday 17th 10am

Seighford Sunday 23rd 10am

All are most welcome to join us to celebrate this season of gratitude

Sunday Sermons

Trinity Sunday 2022

This morning we celebrate the Trintarian nature of the Christian God and as such it is always a challenge to say something meaningful and sensible in the context of this belief. A Triune God. One God 3 persons is a truth which has been difficult to unpick throughout the centuries by far better brains and far better orators than me.

So I thought what the heck and decided to make life even more complicated by taking on another complicated and difficult subject in the context of an already challenging theme. So this morning I’m thinking about the Trinity and Gender pronouns. So bear with me if I tie myself up in knots a little bit.

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