Thursday Reflections

Sense, Feel, Think …

The Gospel today brings to light a very important point: to simply know about somebody is very different from actually knowing them personally. We can confirm this in relation to the modern world very easily .. all the people we know about through the media .. but we do not of course really know them. Herod was intrigued and wanted to know Jesus .. not just about him.

We can understand this desire in relation to the Aboriginal Approach to Life …. Continue reading “Sense, Feel, Think …”

Sunday Sermons

Father’s Day 2018

Today is Father’s Day and a day when we reflect I suppose on what it means for someone to Father well .. what are the qualities of Fatherhood we look for in someone who will father us..and in various ways how we will father others. Whether our actual Father’s with all their limits and failings or those who act in a fatherly way towards us .. most of all to a God we so often call Father!!

We have I think a tendency to think of good fathering as being strong and instructive and perhaps protecting .. and this is of course part of what we hope for from Father’s and indeed God. But it is not the whole picture because our passages this morning invite us to think of a more mature kind of fathering .. a different stage of fathering perhaps we might say .. a fathering which knows when to leave us alone to get on with life because that is how we grow and learn once we are older. Continue reading “Father’s Day 2018”

Sunday Sermons

Trinity Sunday 2018

This Sunday is called Trinity Sunday in the Church Calendar. It is an invitation to look at God in a particular way, to allow our imaginings of God to be directed in a particular way as it were. Every religion has it’s particular expression of God and the Trinity is the Christian’s Biblical tradition of imagining that which cannot really be described. It is why the Trinity is such a difficult idea I suppose .. it is a description of the indescribable. Continue reading “Trinity Sunday 2018”

Sunday Sermons

Pentecost 2018

Do You Believe and Trust in the Holy Spirit who Gives Life to the People of God and makes known Christ in the World? This is a statement from the Profession of Faith which we make in our Baptism and Confirmation services in the Anglican Church and in a more general form profess each week in the Creed. Our task today is therefore to ask what, or who, this Holy Spirit is and what He, She or It does in the world that requires our belief and trust. Continue reading “Pentecost 2018”

Sunday Sermons

Rogation Sunday

Today is known in the church and has historically been celebrated as Rogation Sunday. It is a day established to begin 3 further days of prayer, fasting and processions before Ascension Day as a means of asking God for a good harvest, protection against natural disasters, and forgiveness of sins. The word rogation comes from the latin rogare which means ‘to ask’. So it was historically very important to agricultural communities in England to ask God to bless their endeavours.

I was wondering this week why Rogation days, not just Rogation Sunday but the following 3 days of prayer and processions fell out of favour. Continue reading “Rogation Sunday”