Sunday Sermons

All Saints & All Souls

The introduction to the Season of All Saints to Advent begins with the following reminder … no Christian is solitary. Through Baptism we become members one of another in Christ, members of a company of Saints whose mutual belonging transcends death. Charles Wesley wrote .. ‘One family we dwell in Him; One Church above, beneath; Though now divided by the stream, the narrow stream of death.’ At All Saints and All Souls we celebrate the eternal company of the Church which draws us back into this eternal belonging we have in God.

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Sunday Sermons

The Lesson of the Yellow Birch

(Psalm 112 and John 12 v 23-36)

At Harvest it is our duty to look to creation to help us understand something of the message our Creator sends to us for our lives. And I wanted to reflect for a moment or two this morning on the lesson of the Yellow Birch tree of North Eastern America which offers us an example of what both our Psalm and the Gospel reading might teach us about the salvation of God in difficult times and seasons of our lives. Because the Yellow Birch flourishes in disturbed,  barren environments which I think is what the Christian is to expect in their life of faith according to the Psalmist and Jesus.

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