Sunday Sermons

Epiphany: Welcome and Inclusion

In the celebration of Epiphany the Messiah is revealed as the Saviour not only of the Jews but also of all the world. So I want you to think imaginatively about the story of the 3 Magi who came to worship Jesus this morning. And I want you to think about the kind of people they were and  how that helps us to see what kind of Church Christ call us to be. A Church of inclusion and of welcome to all. Continue reading “Epiphany: Welcome and Inclusion”

Sunday Sermons

A time for tearing down .. Mark 13 v 1-8

We are moving towards the end of the Christian calendar and next week is the final week of the Christian year .. we are not very good at coming to end of things are we?? There can be a deep sense of loss or sadness when things come to an end.

In our readings we have an insight into one of the great themes of Jesus mission and message which was not apparent from the start. Continue reading “A time for tearing down .. Mark 13 v 1-8”

Sunday Sermons

Remembrance Day 2018

We have gathered this morning to remember. To remember the power of love, of sacrifice, to recall memories of courage shown and peace pursued. We all know the power of remembering. And perhaps this is why in the modern world one of our greatest fears is loss of memories!!

Never mind the anxieties we face around political upheaval or environmental damage or of terrorism or as we recall today the horror of war between nations. Never mind these fears, in my experience these are at least matched if not surpassed by the fear of losing our memory. And with the increasing impact of illnesses such as dementia and alzheimer’s in our communities this fear looms large. On a morning like this when we embrace the power of memories it is perhaps important to face our fears and ask what the Christian  faith might say about such matters. Should we fear the fact that our lives, and lives such as those lost in wars might be forgotten?? Continue reading “Remembrance Day 2018”