Sunday Sermons

‘there are things that can be seen only with eyes that have cried’

In the coming week we will start Lent. This year we are taking the theme of Lament .. what we can learn from the Bible about our experiences of despair and forsakenness in life. I want to explore the possibility that in order to know God and God’s plans we need to go through certain experiences which can be painful and sorrowful. Continue reading “‘there are things that can be seen only with eyes that have cried’”

Sunday Sermons

A New Year Message

As you will know I like the idea that life is a journey. I recently engaged with 2 different accounts of a journey along what is known as the Appalachian Trail in America. The Appalachian Trail is a journey of over 2100 miles through various terrain and habitats across America’s eastern seabord. It is a well established route but the 2 accounts of the journey which I encountered were of a completely different type. It made me think about the way we approach life’s journey. Continue reading “A New Year Message”

Sunday Sermons

Epiphany 2020

Since the 12th January we have started our celebration of Epiphany and the role of the Magi in the nativity story. And as soon as I mention the Magi, the Wise Men, the Kings who visited Jesus as a baby we will create a picture in our minds of 3 kings robed and probably wearing crowns and no doubt holding small packages representing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It is perfectly natural that we will have this picture in our minds in association with the kings, the Magi, but it is of course a completely unfounded image. Continue reading “Epiphany 2020”