Sunday Sermons

Harvest 2

Last week at Chebsey we started our journey through Harvest with a reminder of how connected we are, as humans, to the Land. We reflected on how this connection is not only a physical but also a spiritual connection. So we acknowledge we are of course dependent upon the Land for our physical needs .. without care and attention to the 6 inches of soil into which we plant our seeds we will not survive as humans. We suggested we have perhaps lost this connection in the western world where delivery drivers and shelf stackers seem more important than fine weather and farm workers. But the problem is far more than physical for us humans .. we have both a physical and spiritual need for connection to the land and the provision of food. There is something in the link between us and nature which reveals our createdness and our Creator and nourishes our souls.

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Sunday Sermons

Harvest 1 2021

This morning we start our Harvest season in the church. And I think it is really important to celebrate the agricultural year in the Church. Not least because our human connection to the Land is central to the Bible helping us understand our God. Think about the number of times God is revealed in the events of agricultural crisis or blessing in the Bible. The Jewish and Christian Scriptures give wide ranging expression to the creative power and wisdom of God through the events of nature.

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Sunday Sermons

We Remember ….

This week we are called to Remember, both with thanksgiving and sorrow, those whose lives have been given and taken away in pursuit of the good purposes of freedom, justice and peace in wars and conflicts past and present. We do this at a time when our peace is somewhat distrurbed by the pandemic we are facing. So I wanted to consider what we might learn from those who have gone before us, from those who gave their lives to restore peace in the past and in particular how they were able to find courage, perseverance, strength and unity in times of adversity.

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