Thursday Reflections

A Reflection on Holy Communion

This morning we celebrate Corpus Christi .. I don’t know how your Latin is .. we are celebrating Holy Communion.

Its really interesting that I think I have more questions asked of me about the meaning of the Bread and the Wine than any other aspect of Church life .. what is going on here at this table? .. what do we mean by eating the flesh and drinking the blood? .. in what way is this all possible or to be understood? Continue reading “A Reflection on Holy Communion”

Thursday Reflections


Last week we reflected on the possibility that God loves us all in relation to our particularisms and our distinctiveness. When we say God so loved the world we do so not in a generic sense but in a particular sense .. God loves every aspect of the world individually just as a mother loves each child not in a generality but because of their particularisms .. loving each one with the same intensity but with a different quality as it were .. with the particular kind of love each one needs.

This morning we look at what that means in terms of how we relate to one another! If God loves each of us according to our differences then how should we love one another? Continue reading “Inclusion”

Thursday Reflections

God loves you particularly

I wonder whether you feel uncomfortable about the idea in the Bible  that God shows particular favour to Israel.? That God chose Israel and not other nations? Why does God seem to have a special role for Israel in the Torah which excludes others?

I want to suggest that the Bible shows us how God’s love for this world is not a universal love but a particular love that is universal in its expression to each and every different one of us.  Let me see if I can explain this idea.
Continue reading “God loves you particularly”

Thursday Reflections

Speaking truth to power

This morning we have an example of what real discipleship means ( Acts 5 27-33). Discipleship is a word we have become very familiar with but which is truly a powerful concept which is not always taken seriously.

To be a disciple is to follow, to live with, to learn from, to be obedient to,  and over time to become like another. So we better choose our master carefully? Continue reading “Speaking truth to power”