Thursday Reflections

Studies on Lament

During Lent we had intended to host a 6 week course on what the Bible tells us about the importance of Lament in church. This message is as important as ever now so here is the first of the sessions which we did indeed host … the others will follow in the next few weeks concluding in Holy Week. Let us not forget where we are in our spiritual journey this season and prepare for the Easter celebration as we need it’s message of light and freedom more now than ever.

Week 1 : The lost tradition of Lament!

Week 1

Thursday Reflections

All Saints Reflection

As we come towards the end of the Church year we celebrate this great feast of All Saints. Normally we apply the word to people of extraordinary holiness who have been canonised or beatified by the Church .. but today’s feast uses the word in a much wider sense .. in particular we remember all those who have now died and are in God’s presence .. hence we read from Revelation of that great promise of heaven. What a glorious and hopeful picture!

Still further though on this day we also celebrate the saints as being all those on earth with a shared call to holiness .. Continue reading “All Saints Reflection”

Thursday Reflections

Sense, Feel, Think …

The Gospel today brings to light a very important point: to simply know about somebody is very different from actually knowing them personally. We can confirm this in relation to the modern world very easily .. all the people we know about through the media .. but we do not of course really know them. Herod was intrigued and wanted to know Jesus .. not just about him.

We can understand this desire in relation to the Aboriginal Approach to Life …. Continue reading “Sense, Feel, Think …”

Thursday Reflections

Peace in the Valley

This morning’s reading from Deuteronomy might be seen to hold the beginnings of what has come to be called a prosperity Gospel in the Bible. Here we at first reading see signs of the teaching that if you follow God and His commands you will know blessings and prosperity .. you will know health and happiness and good things will happen to you.

Now we all know this is not true. Continue reading “Peace in the Valley”